The World Is Going Crazy – And Joe Biden’s Policies Aren’t Helping

The seventy years following World War II now, when revisited in hindsight, look like a golden era of peace and prosperity. Sure, we had the Cold War going on, but compare it to the previous eras of hot wars, and we realise just how good it was. The two most warlike nations of the previous…

Pakistan mosque blast Taliban

Taliban Repays the Support Shown by Pakistan By Blowing Mosque

Pakistan mosque blast by Taliban shows their repayment of support. On January 30, a suicide bomber inside the holy grounds of a mosque in the high-security police headquarters in Peshawar killed 30 people. It is a place that is quite close to Afghanistan. The toxic ideology of the Taliban frequently gets spilled onto the province…



The Eternal Shrine of India, Somnath Temple – Standing Tall Despite Invasions And Destructions

The Somnath Temple in Gujarat is famous for many religious and historical reasons. Not only is it one of the holiest spots of Lord Shiva, but its history of many demolitions by invaders and the reconstructions by devotees is a powerful symbol of the perseverance and continuity of Indian culture. As the first President of…


United Nations climate conference 2022

COP 27 : United Nations Climate Change Conference 2022

The Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, often known as COP27 or the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, was the 27th such gathering and took place from November 6, 2022, until November 20, 2022, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. COP 27 on recent climate issues: At the COP27 climate conference, which had taken…