Anti France Protest in Pakistan


A violent Anti-France protest is going on in Pakistan. France asked its citizens temporarily to leave the country. Actually it is happening from previous year when President Macron defended publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. He also had given some controversial statement against the religion Islam. There’s a radical group in Pakistan Tehreek-E-Labbaik. They demanded to expel the French ambassador and ban French products in Pakistan. 

Imran Khan’s government retaliated by detaining Saad Rizvi the leader of TLP.Police officers are bitten and killed. They were taken to hostage. This protest led to death of six policeman. Petrol-bomb thrown to police officers. This is the current situation.

Pakistan temporarily banned social media like Facebook, Whats App, Twitter etc.

One day this Pakistan had created tension in Kashmir by sending infiltrators to disturb the valley.

Pakistan pointed finger on India on the issue of Shaheen Bag protest, Delhi riots etc. 

Today it is happening with them. In time of protests also government of India haven’t banned any communication like internet of phone facility. Because India believes in democracy.

Now Pakistan have already deteriorated their diplomatic relation with France. Fifteen French diplomats called back to France. Its citizens also advised to return to France immediately.

France is a permanent member of UN security council and a most influential member of European Union. It is a G7 country and a world superpower. France is a important player in United Nation.

Pakistan uses French jets Mirage 2000 and also use French submarines. For their maintenance Pakistan have to depend on France.  Now UK had put Pakistan on the list of High Risk countries. USA had sanctioned one Pakistani company first time for helping Russia in interfering US elections. Everywhere Pakistan have made a bad image throughout the world. Ultimately their only partner left in the world will be China.

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