Reasons behind increase in Covid-19 Cases in India


No doubt, India is facing a second wave of Covid-19. In India, the second wave is spreading much faster than the first wave. Doctors believe that the surge is because of the new strains of the corona virus. Health ministry declared on 24th March that a double mutant virus strain is already active in Maharashtra. Along with that there are cases of reinfections. 

There are some reasons which I think is responsible for this surge –

1.  Not maintaining proper protocol. People discontinued wearing mask and social distancing norms. Negligence in maintaining Covid appropriate protocol is a big reason.

2.  Doubt on vaccine and overconfidence after taking vaccine.

3.  New variant is obviously a  reason. As it is more contagious.

4.  Reinfection is a reason. It is seen that many people have got reinfected.

Side effects of vaccines are seen around the world. AstraZeneca covid vaccine is banned in Denmark. India approved Russian Sputnik-V vaccine. European drug controller approved Jhonson and Jhonson single shot vaccine.
It is very important to maintain each and every norms directed by health ministry. Only that can prevent this virus to spread rapidly.

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