UP’s population control bill, Does India needs a population control law?

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We all know Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in our country. That’s why, controlling population is very important to promote sustainable development in the state. On the world population day Yogi Adityanath revealed the draft bill of the UP-Population Policy 2021-2030. Main focus of this policy is to cut down gross fertility rate of women to 2.1 in 2026 and 1.9 in 2030. Name of the draft bill is Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill, 2021. The state Law Commission issued the draft bill with a slogan” Bache Do Hi Ache”.

Incentives for accepting two-child policy

  1. Government employees who adopt the two-child norm will get two additional increments during the entire service. They will get maternity or paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary.
  2. Government employees will also get three percent increase in the employer’s contribution in NPS (National Pension Scheme).
  3. State government will give promotions to government employees and subsidy in purchase of plot or built house from Housing Board.
  4. People who will follow two-child norm will get rebates in taxes on water, electricity, housing and home loans.
  5. Preference will be given to single child for admission in all education institutions. They will also get preference in government jobs.
  6. If any parent of a child prefers for vasectomy then the child will get free health care facility and insurance coverage up to age of twenty years.

There are responsibilities for NGOs also, they will distribute contraceptive pills, condoms and spread awareness about family planning methods with the help of community health workers. Their another responsibility is to ensure mandatory registration of pregnancies, deliveries, births and deaths throughout the state.

Disincentives for more than two children

  1. People who are having more than two children will not get benefits of government welfare schemes.
  2. Ration cards will be limited for four persons of family.
  3. People will not get any kind of government subsidy and also will not get any promotion in government job.
  4. Cannot apply in government jobs and also cannot contest local body elections.

As per the draft the state government will also put forward population control as a compulsory subject in all schools. I think it is obviously a good step because after all why we will invest the money of honest tax payers to those people who have more than two children. After birth government is providing medication to the child and his/her mother, primary schooling, mid-day mill everything. Even after growing up they are getting several government facilities. All these are coming from the money of tax payers. Government is deducting tax from people’s hard earn money. That’s why, it should be invested properly.

Day by day increasing population is becoming a hurdle in development. Though opposition criticized this policy as an election propaganda, but no one can deny that not only in Uttar Pradesh but our whole nation’s population is increasing very fast. In our country resources are limited. So, this over population can cause several problems. It can increase unemployment, poverty and also will harm environment. Although total fertility rate has decreased, and experts believe it will drop up to 1.93 in 2025. Fifth national health survey reflects that total fertility rate has decreased in several cities of India.

At last I can say Uttar Pradesh population policy have opened new area of debate on two child policy. The bill will come to effect one year after publishing in the official gazette.

I think like Assam and Uttar Pradesh, the whole nation should adopt a population control legislation and link that with Adhar card and Voter card for tracking. Central government should cancel voting rights if someone keep more than two children.

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