Harappan city Dholavira is new UNESCO World Heritage site in Gujarat

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Dholavira, one of the ancient cities of Harappa civilization, recently tagged as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is located near Khadir island in Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. After marking this ancient city as UNESCO World Heritage site, India’s total number of such site increased to forty. Previously in this month, Telangana’s Ramappa Temple was included as World heritage site. These were included during 44th session of UNESCO World heritage site. 

After this news Gujarat became a state with four world heritage sites— Dholavira, Champaner, Rani ki Vav and the historic city of Ahmedabad. Prime minister Narendra Modi got delighted after hearing this news. He said that, this is a must visit place to those people who have keen interest in history, archaeology and culture.

Site of Dhulavira (Source:Twitter/Narendra Modi)

Obviously, this achievement will attract more tourist in India. People will get opportunity to know about the rich history and culture of our land. This ancient city was excavated by Archaeologist R.S Bisht. According to him this city reveals that, ancient people of this region knew about proper town planning. The streets are well managed and there was also efficient water conservation system found in the city after excavation. There were nine gates with unique designs in the city. Before this Lothal was excavated as a prominent site of Harappa civilization. It was a significant port city of ancient times. As per UNESCO, Dholavira is one of the most remarkable and well-preserved urban settlements in South Asia.

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