#SanctionPakistan in Social Media


A campaign is becoming very popular in social media now a days is hashtag sanction Pakistan. People of Afghanistan want a strict economic sanction on Pakistan. There were thousand of posts in twitter and other social media platforms using a hashtag #SanctionPakistan. People from European countries and other south Asian countries also have joined this campaign. Everyone is concerned about the future of Afghanistan because now they are under the grip of Taliban. Many people think that Pakistan is responsible for this situation. That’s why everyone is urging sanctions on Pakistan for its proxy war in Afghanistan. Even US congressman recently urged Biden administration to impose sanction on Pakistan for supporting terrorism in Afghanistan. US congressman Mike Waltz wrote to President Biden to cut off all aids to Pakistan and impose a sanction on Islamabad. He also urged Biden administration to help Afghan people in their fight against Taliban.

There are thousand posts in social media to draw international attention towards Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Afghanistan. Today because of President Biden’s wrong decision, the whole nation of Afghanistan is suffering. It is because as per the media reports Taliban had seized US weapons in Afghanistan, they had also captured a military chopper Mi-24 of Afghanistan armed forces from Kunduz airbase. The Mi-24 helicopter was gifted by India. In several places Afghan armed forces had laid down their weapons. The U.S made arms, military aircraft and armored vehicles of Afghan armed forces had fallen into the hand of the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Biden administration had made a Quadrilateral diplomatic platform with three countries Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Their aim is “long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan”. They will focus on regional connectivity. They will cooperate to expand trade, build transit links and also strengthen business to business ties. Now this group is made amid China’s built and road initiative and its plans to extend that to Afghanistan. But here Pakistan is playing a double game with US and China like before. Afghanistan’s strategic location is very important for both China and Pakistan as it is bordered by Pakistan to the east and south, Iran to the west, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan to the north, and China to the northeast. But like always US is making a big mistake by partnering with Pakistan. Because US should realize the dual character of Pakistan. They had previously sheltered Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, who was the master mind of 9/11 terror attack.

People of Afghanistan think that Pakistan backed Taliban is invasion in their homeland. As per Dr. Bahar Jalali, Taliban are mainly created and trained in Pakistan based Madrasas. Pakistan funds terror through narcotics. Pakistan’s economy is in worst stage. Pakistan has many debts to clear. China is their one and only partner in their struggle of survival from debt. Though China have their own interest in Gwadar Sea Port that’s why they are partnering with Pakistan.

I think United Nations should intervene in this issue because terrorism is a global problem. If we have to stop terrorism then we have to identify and stop those who are backing it.

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