Fumio Kishida, Japan’s new Prime Minister will be a friend of India


Fumio Kishida had taken oath as Japan’s 100th Prime Minister today. Prime Minister Modi and President Biden had congratulated him. Kishida and his Liberal Democratic Party with its coalition partner is having majority in both houses of Japan’s Parliament. Previously, Kushida had served as foreign affairs and defense minister. In the past he lauded the long-standing commitment and the extraordinary warmth between Asia’s two largest democracies. He is also committed to promote diplomatic security policy and build a free and open Indo-Pacific. Policy makers are predicting that Shinzo Abe had made a decisive return in politics with a less prominent role. We all know that PM Shinzo Abe is a key advocate for closer India- Japan ties.

Kishida promised to work with those countries which shares same values like India, US, European countries, Australia etc. He had strongly criticized China’s aggressive and expansionist nature. For China’s secret role in spreading Covid-19 throughout the world, Japan had offered compensation to several Japanese companies to move out of China and shift to friendly countries of South Asia and India. For the Chinese virus several people had lost their lives throughout the world. Yoshihide Suga was in the forefront of the struggle against the virus. Now, Kishida will take the command from Suga. Kishida will work to promote free and open Indio-Pacific and will also work for Japan’s presence in the international community.

Who is Fumio Kishida?

Fumio Kishida is a representative from Hiroshima. His grandfather Masaki and father Fumitake had also served in the parliament of Japan as representatives from Hiroshima. In 2007 Kishida became Minister of State for Special Missions. That was Shinzo Abe’s first cabinet. Again, he became minister of foreign affairs in 2012. Kishida want to make Indo-Pacific an epicenter of global prosperity.

Kishida said about “Value and spirit”. He said that both Japan and India have promoted values like tolerance, inclusiveness, non-violence and love for humanity. He said about development of India’s North Eastern part. PM Narendra Modi have congratulated Kishida.

We can expect better ties with Japan and India in coming days. To counter expansionist China the major powers of Asia have to come closer. China already have border issues with India and territorial dispute with Japan. We had seen that Army of both the country had fought with each other in Galwan Valley. That’s why Japan and India have to come forward to maintain stability in Asia.

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