Highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s UNGA Speech


Prime minister Narendra Modi have covered a wide range of topics in his 22 minuets long UNGA speech. He started his speech with Covid-19 pandemic and shown his condolences to those who had lost their lives due to this deadly pandemic. He said that India had developed first DNA vaccine and it can be administered to anyone above 12 years. To save humanity India had again started supplying vaccine to needy people and countries. From UNGA stage Prime Minister invited all vaccine manufacturers and said “Come, make vaccine in India.” PM Modi gave details about Zydus Cadila’s COVID-19 DNA vaccine, ZyCoV-D. It is world’s first plasmid DNA vaccine.

PM Modi said about our country and it is known as “Mother of Democracy”. In our country we have several language, culture and tradition but still we are united. This unity in diversity shows the strength of our democracy. PM Modi recalled his childhood days when he helped his father in a tea stall and now, he is addressing UN general assembly. All this have happened because people have selected him democratically. He correctly said in his speech that “Yes, Democracy can deliver. Yes, Democracy has delivered.”

PM Modi mentioned Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay in his speech. He said about Integral Humanism and its philosophy, which says “Expansion of the self, moving from individual to the society, to the nation and entire humanity”. Keeping in mind this ideology, India is moving toward integrated and equitable development. PM Modi stressed on progressive thinking and science-based rational. He mentioned regressive thinking and extremism are threat for the world. The countries which are using terror as a political tool must know that it is equally dangerous for them also. He mentioned the situation of Afghanistan and said that the world must fulfil its duties toward people of Afghanistan.

PM Modi stressed on ocean and seas and its role in global security. He also focused on balancing economy and ecology. India had taken several initiatives to combat climate change. India and the world are facing problem of clean and drinkable water. Initiatives are taken to supply clean water to more than 17 crore houses through pipeline. PM Modi said about property rights and mentioned that India is using drone for mapping the land and is providing digital record of the property to the villagers.

“When India grows the world grows, When India reforms the world transforms” this was the massage PM Modi gave in his UNGA speech. Science and technological innovations in India can help the world in many ways. Modi ji had shared his idea about cashless society previously. He mentioned that gradually India is moving to that direction. Every month 350 crore transactions are taking place through UPI.

PM Modi also mentioned that United Nations have to keep itself relevant. He completed his speech with Gurudev Tagore’s words “Be fearless as you are doing something noble. All weakness and apprehension will disappear.”

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