Rising conflict between Ukraine and Russia | Role of United States


Previously, during Soviet era Ukraine was the second most powerful Soviet republic followed by Russia. Now after the collapse of Soviet Union, Ukraine became a separate country. But still from geo political point of view Ukraine is very crucial for Russia, both strategically and economically. Presently, Russia had sent nearly 90,000 troops at the border of Ukraine. As per US intelligence reports Russia can invade Ukraine possibly in early next month. Russian counterpart confirmed that they are not planning for any military intervention in Ukraine. But still, we should not forget that Russia had seized Crimea from Ukraine previously.

Ukraine is a country which is culturally and linguistically similar with Russia. After Ukraine separated from Soviet Union in 1991, both Russia and Western powers are trying to increase their influence in Ukraine. But no doubt Ukraine has a shared history and heritage with Russia than any other country. After annexation of Crimea, Russia got a maritime upper hand in the entire region. It has been criticized heavily by the West, especially by United States and European Union. Actually, Russia don’t want expansion of NATO by including Ukraine into it. But now Russia had forwarded troops heavily in Ukraine border because Russia want an assurance from west that they will not include Ukraine in NATO. But the US officials had said this kind of demand is “unacceptable”. On the other side, USA and EU confirmed that they will enforce hard hitting sanctions on Russia for any kind of military action against Ukraine.

USA or EU’s decision to enforce sanctions on Russia will not be appropriate. Because more they will impose sanction on Russia, more Russia will get closer to China. This alignment of Russia and China will make a new world order. Both the countries have border disputes and expansionist mindset and the rest of the world especially the West is very annoyed with it. I think West should not do anything which can trigger a strong Russia China alignment.

Cold War ended before 30 years but still tussle between USA and Russia is present. Especially for the former Soviet Republic, Ukraine. USA and the western powers want Ukraine to be out of Russian control. Moscow took hold of Crimea in 2014 from Ukraine. For that conflict nearly 13000 people lost their lives. Russian foreign minister Mr. Sergei Lavrov want guarantee from USA that they will not come close to Russian border. Actually he do not want more eastern European countries join NATO. Biden said that if Russia invades Ukraine then it can end Russia’s hopes of completing the Nord Stream II gas pipeline to Europe.  

But India’s stand here is clear, it haven’t supported Russia’s intervention in Crimea. But India should engage in world politics and keep its words strong. Still now India haven’t given ay statement in this issue.

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