Why Tulsi Gabbard quits democratic party and compared Biden with Adolf Hitler?


Tulsi Gabbard left Democratic party by saying that the party is now controlled by “Elitist Cabal of Warmonger”. She also compared Joe Biden with German authoritarian leader Adolf Hitler during an election campaign.    She said both Biden and Hitler share similar mindset.

Let’s try to understand why she said this to US President Joe Biden.

Who is Tulsi Gabbard?

Tulsi Gabbard is an American politician, United States Army Reserve officer and a political commentator. She served as the U.S. representative for Hawaii. Tulsi was deployed in Iraq as an officer in the medical unit of Hawaii Army National Guard from 2004-05. She had also served as Army Military Police Platoon Leader in Kuwait from 2008-09. She graduated from United States Army’s Officer Candidate School at the Alabama Military Academy. She was first commissioned as a second Lieutenant in 29th Brigade special troops Battalion. An Award of Appreciation was received by Tulsi Gabbard from the Kuwait National Guard.

Later, Tulsi Gabbard won general election by defeating Kawika Crowley and became the first Hindu member of Congress in November 6, 2012 from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She was reelected four times in the Congress from 2013-21.            

Now, if we analyze Ms. Tulsi Gabbard’s words then we will find that she was not wrong. Today world is in the brink of a nuclear war that’s only because of Biden’s faulty policies. US is a democracy and one of the powerful nations in the world. It’s obvious that with big power comes big responsibility. Biden wanted Ukraine to become a part of NATO which obviously Russia don’t want. That’s why Russia attacked Ukraine.

On the other hand, as a responsible president Biden should help both countries to solve the problem with dialogue and diplomacy. Biden as leader should play role of a negotiator between the two countries. He should have promoted peace between the two countries. But surprisingly, he is literally promoting the war and provoking Russia which can be dangerous for the world. Biden is funding Ukraine with millions of Dollars and providing arms for continuing the war. With this Biden is actually not helping Ukraine, he is putting Ukraine in between NATO and Russia.

For these wrong moves today, Biden is dragging the world closer to a nuclear war. Ms. Gabbard said that no media politicians are talking about this and if someone tries to says anything then he will be labeled as “Putin’s Puppet”, “Terrible Dictator” etc. They do not want to listen to other’s opinion. In a democracy everyone believes in a government which is by the people for the people and of the people but according to Ms. Gabbard todays Democratic Party and its government is of for and by the powerful elite. They are creating instability in the world and creating conflict between states.

Today Russian channels and media is banned in western countries. Their YouTube channels are blocked and their apps are been removed from play store and Appstore. So, for this the only source of information regarding the war between Russia and Ukraine is the western media. They are literally spreading misinformation regarding the war to common people. They are trying to make people against Russia. President Biden is providing arms support to Ukraine. US also forcing NATO and its allies to provide arms to Ukraine. For all these who is getting benefitted? Obviously, weapon companies of United States. If the war continues then Ukraine will purchase weapons and US will help them financially. Directly the arms companies of US will get benefitted for this. Time to time Biden had provided military aid to Ukraine, by which they can continue the war. According to Reuters US state Department provided weapons worth $350 million to Ukraine. Ukraine requested for Javelin Anti-tank weapon and stinger missiles which can shoot down Russian Aircraft. According to an article published on April 21,2022, in one of the official websites of the United States Government says that President Biden announced $800Million military assistance to Ukraine. So, obviously these moves will not stop the war, these will make the situation worse between Russia and Ukraine. Till date the biggest military assistance announced by Biden is nearly $3 Billion, along with anti-aircraft missile, artillery and counter drone defense systems.   

US Providing Aid and Arms to Pakistan

Biden seeks India’s support in UN security council against Russia. Where every time Russia had helped India in its difficult times but on the other hand US is providing aid and arms support to India’s rival Pakistan. Biden administration approved nearly $450 Million for Pakistan’s F-16 fleet sustainment programme saying that this will help Pakistan to tackle present and future threats from terrorism. We all know that Pakistan have sheltered several terrorists in its country. Pakistan had sheltered the main culprit of 9/11 attack, Osama Bin Laden. US Navy Seals had killed him on May 2, 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. On the first budget of 2022 Biden administration seeks to provide money to Pakistan for training of its military personnel. The proposal says to support Pakistan’s democratic governance which can help and support stability in Afghanistan. Everyone knows that Pakistan will never utilize that money for social development. They will use that money for Anti-India activities in Kashmir and help terrorists globally. Only Pakistan is responsible for instability in Afghanistan.  

President Biden want India to counter China but he will continue his fascination with Pakistan. Once he is saying Pakistan a dangerous country with nuclear weapon on the other hand, he is providing them military assistance and money. Biden helped Pakistan to come out from FATF gray list. Recently, we also witnessed that US Ambassador to Pakistan, visited POK and said that area Azad Kashmir. So, US President’s peculiar love for Pakistan and Pakistani military may not be a good sign for Indo-US relation.  

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy on the other hand was more relevant for today’s Geo Political Scenario. He tried to promote peace and helped countries to resolve conflicts. Firstly, he recognized the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He received Saudi Arab’s highest civilian award. Saudi Arab’s King Salman awarded ‘King Abdulaziz al Saud Collar’ to President Trump. He also received the highest award of Morocco for his initiative of normalization deal between Morocco and Israel. Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui of Morocco awarded President Trump with the ‘Order of Muhammad’. President Trump initiated Abraham Accord to establish peace and neutralize relation between United Arab Emirates and Bahrain with Israel. UAE and Bahrain recognized and accepted Israel as a sovereign country. President Trump was trying to stop conflicts globally.

So, lastly in conclusion we can say US and the west had actually used Ukraine against Russia. They are trying to create instability in the world. But India as a responsible country should try to negotiate and normalize the situation between Russia and Ukraine by initiating dialogues and diplomacy between them.     

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